HRCAA President's Message

HRCAA President's Message

Warm Greetings with invoking Of blessings of Almighty
Feeling honoured to write this message . Every present has past and every past has future. I have distinct lingering memories Of Hansraj college lane We inherited the legacy of Association, served by our most respectable executive members in the past and it was only their vision this Executive Body is following their footsteps to do still better.

We were able to get the Association Registered by the cohesive approach with the unforgettable support of our most beloved Principal Dr Ms Rama who has been crowned as Regular Principal now which ran on Adhocism for many years and might have caused some impediment in developmental activities. We had full support of Dr VK Kwatra ji immediate past principal of our college.

Our college arguably the Naboth’s vineyard of university of Delhi as the Kalp Vriksha has produced innumerable Bureaucrats, technocrats, scholars , educationists, CA’S leading lawyers , businessmen , Bollywood icons , actors and other fields and made their presence felt in the Society . It is very aptly said “As we sow so shall we reap “ our Alma Mater infused all human values in us which chiseled our future best suited for the society While we are shoulder to shoulder with college, we wish and pledge this institution should continue its efforts to provide latest innovations to students by updating the syllabus with fast changing technological upgradationto ignite the students with a mission to serve, share and heal the sufferings of society.

Constant support of DAV organisation to our college under the tutelage of Worthy Padam Shri Sh Poonam Suri ji will indelible.

Let our college remains the lighthouse, from which the flickering beams of light becomes eternal pathfinder to students and its Alumini.

Hansraj College, Delhi University
Mahatma Hansraj Marg , Malkaganj, Delhi 110 007, India